Designed and operated by educators, parents, community
leaders, and others, Charter Schools are independent public
schools. They are chartered by the State Board of Education,
which monitors their quality and integrity.

BASE Middle School Supply List 2015-16

BASE High School Supply List 2015-16

What is a Charter School?

Charter Schools design and deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and community needs.
As schools of choice, they are held to the highest level of accountability.

Beginning early at College Prep Schools
is important

At Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering,
your child will follow a course designed to build and
develop positive study habits which will prepare them
to succeed in higher education. Each semester your
student will be required to complete an independent
research and investigative project in each core class.
Over time at Brooks Academy, your child should have a
substantial portfolio to assist them in career decisions
and as a useful resource when applying to college.

Secondary School Partnerships

Through partnerships with colleges in the San Antonio
area, students have an opportunity to access Dual
Credit courses that award high school and college
credits concurrently and post-secondary Advanced
Placement (AP) courses. Once your student has met the
minimum eligibility criteria set by Brooks Academy and
affiliate colleges, they may participate in AP and Dual
Credit courses. Your child will be exposed to a variety
of opportunities including AP courses in Biology,
English Language, Spanish Language, US History and
World History.

A challenging and rewarding education—
in class and at home

Your student will receive a comprehensive course of
instruction that is rigorous and relevant, including all
standard middle and high school courses. They are
also introduced to a program of home learning that
is both challenging and rewarding and form a part of
their core assessment plus your child will be assigned
to a study hall to assist in promoting good study habits
and to partially complete home learning.

State-Certified San Antonio Charter Schools
with an emphasis on individualized learning

Brooks Academy is chartered by the state of Texas.
Students are required to participate in all state
assessments and meet all state standards. However,
meeting state standards is only the foundation of our
academic program. By promoting a college-going learning
culture, your child will be exposed to post-secondary
content long before they enter college. An accelerated
course of study enables students enrolled by 6th grade to
complete many of their graduation requirements at the
completion of their sophomore year, so that students in
high school can focus on advanced courses.

Clubs, Organizations and Academic Programs

Your student will have an opportunity to participate in an
after school club or organization in their area of interest.
Brooks Academy also offers organizations for parents and
teachers in support of your student’s mission.
Click here for additional information.

Athletic Program

Intramural and UIL sports are offered for middle and high
school students in volleyball, cross country wrestling,
and basketball. Football and softball are exclusive to high
school students. For more information, click here.

Dedicated professionals teaching science
and engineering

The faculty recognizes that learning takes place only
when the student is engaged and committed to the
learning process. The process of learning both actively
and experientially fosters a love of learning.
To meet the highly qualified middle and high school
faculty at Brooks Academy, click here.


Head of School:  Ixchell González
Phone:  210.633.9006 x 209

Academic Dean: 
Sherrell Coleman
210.633.9006 x 212

To download our Middle School Brochure, click HERE.

To download our High School Brochure, click HERE.

       “I am a grandmother of a B.A.S.E student. I think your school is an exceptional one; I am very pleased that she likes all her classes and is in the Junior National Honor Society. The teachers are excellent. Everything about B.A.S.E is way above average. Keep up the good work!”

                                                          —Grandparent of a Brooks Academy Student

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