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Now Enrolling for the 2016 – 2017 School Year!


Our Campuses

BIG GIVE 2016!

The Big Give is coming on May 3rd, 2016 and we need your help! The Big Give is a 24-hour day of giving, that brings donors and nonprofits together by creating a shared region-wide experience and connecting people to the causes that matter to them the most.

This video shows what are students love about Brooks Academy, so please donate on May 3rd, 2016 for the Big Give and give big!

For more information on the Big Give please click the link provided HERE

 Engineering Excellence

Your child’s development is our main priority.

You’ll find a safe learning environment for your child
 with a secure campus and facilities; progressive disciplinary policies; and parental
 supported behavioral procedures. Our diverse faculty is dedicated to a student mentoring program,
 which encourages self-motivation for educational growth at an individual pace and a purposeful
 atmosphere suited for college preparation.

Educational Excellence

Charter Schools design and deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and community needs. As schools of choice, they are held to the highest level of accountability.
Brooks Academy is a T-STEM-Accredited school, our curriculum is designed to improve instruction and academic performance in science and math-related subjects, and to develop innovative instructional methods and integrate technology and engineering into science and math instruction, from K-12th grade.

Brooks Academy is a caring, collaborative school environment where students develop the rigorous academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in college and careers in science, engineering, math, and technology.

Brooks Academy is Growing

The campus at Brooks Academy is continuing to grow physically and evolve socially to provide your child the best possible learning setting.


Take a moment to view Brooks Academy’s short and long-term expansion plans. We look forward to growing with our students. Go BENGALS!


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